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Sanitary High Pressure Gauge 35,000psi

Description: Sanitary High Pressure Gauge for High Pressure Homogenizer of 30,000psi as well as other pressure measurement. Advantage: Lower Dead Volume for Sanitary application and pressure response
Catalog Number: Cat. G35000
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Sanitary High Pressure Gauge for High Pressure Homogenizer of 35,000psi as well as other pressure measurement up to 35,000psi.
≤ 58,000 psi homogenizer; High pressure Pump
Sanitary for pharmaceutical applications
Low Dead Volume
Catalog No. G35000  
Description Sanitary High Pressure Gauge   
Pressure Range 0-35,000psi (250Mpa)  
Standard Warranty 1 year against any manufacturing defects    
Dimensions A × B × C 13cm × 5cm × 10cm                                   
Weight 1 lbs. (0.5kg)                                                  
Accuracy ±1.0%                                                              
Connection D 1/4" cone (F)   
Application ≤ 58,000 psi homogenizer  
Price $399.00  
Standard Features
Materials Sanitary 316 Stainless Steel
Compatibility Homogenizer in Microfluidizer, Avestin, BEEI and other manufactures
Other Features Dual-scale reading in psi and MPa
Material standard Compliance with FDA and GMP sanitary standards
Warranty For manufacturing defects:
1 year for lab scale applications;
6 months for pilot scale applications;
3 months for production scale applications
Option Features
Connection 1/4″ HP coupling, 3/8″ HP coupling, High Pressure Tees


1.  The Warranty life for sanitary Pressure Gauge is 1 year for labtory homogenizer, and from 1 to 3 months for pilot and production unit.

2. Because of the international shipping,  the Glycerin which used to improve the life sapn was removed from the gauge.The glycerin need to be added into the gauge before using.
30000psi High Pressure Gauge anti-vibration oil
Gauge with Oil Gauge without Oil for shipping
Oil Cap  Remove the Cap and add glycerin from the oil hole